Photograph by Jeremy Ayers

Benjamin Rouse is an American photographer and filmmaker living in Athens, Georgia. Born to a Mormon family of eight, he went on to study psychology at Brigham Young University, later dropping out to work honeybees and earn a degree in sociology from the University of Georgia. Now a Mormon apostate, his self-taught artistic practice began as a form of comfort during this turbulent period and grew in reaction to his secular transition. Viewing each piece as a vital expression of freedom, his work unapologetically communicates the flavor of rejection to control.

Utilizing mirrors, water, and illusory compositions, Rouse achieves surreal imagery entirely through analogue techniques. For this reason, he sees himself as much a scientist driven by intense technical curiosity as he does an artist in pursuit of sincere creative expression. He is a longtime creative collaborator of the acclaimed band of Montreal, and recently completed a residency at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Instagram: @benjamin_rouse

* All birds stuffed by licensed taxidermist. I will never harm any animal for the creation of my artwork.