"A film about loss"
Created by Benjamin Rouse
Music by Steven Trimmer (
Debuted at The Atlanta Contemporary March 5, 2017
-Official Selections of the Atlanta, Florida, and New Orleans Film Festivals

Special thank you to: Maizy Stell, Maggie Benoit, Nicole Brooks, Courtney McCracken, Cash Carter, Krista Hadaway, Janet Estrada, Sam Lane, Will Stanier, and the Atlanta Contemporary for the debut
opportunity. Endless gratitude to everyone.

of Montreal- Let's Relate (2016) 

Stereogum Premiere:

Produced by: Benjamin Rouse
Directed by: Benjamin Rouse, Kevin Barnes
Camera A Operator: Alex Seibert
Camera B Operator/Effects Supervisor: Mark Magnarella
Camera C Operator (B-roll): Joseph Carter
Edited by: Benjamin Rouse
Assisting Editor, Color Correction & Effects: Alex Seibert
Set Design: Benjamin Rouse
Assisting Set Design/Props: Ryan Radtke, Tyler Jundt, Durham Henderson, David Iduate, Jessica Massey, Ashlyn Smith
Costume and Makeup: Durham Henderson, David Iduate, Tyler Jundt, Jessica Massey, Ashlyn Smith

*Special thank you to everyone at the Rowdy Dowdy for opening your space to us. Without your effort and selfless creative spirit this would not have been possible.

Material Girls- Drained
Directed by Benjamin Rouse and Katie Drake
Immersive Atlanta Premiere:

of Montreal- Bassem Sabry (2015)

Directed and Produced by: Benjamin Rouse

Director of Photography: Matt Evans

Props and Set Design: Dana Jo Cooley

Assisting Camera Operators: Benjamin Roberds & Jordan St. Martin-Reyes

Production Assistant: Gabriel Cymerman-Bird

Collage Work and Wardrobe: Gabrielle Bischoff (Many thanks to The Pope on Prince) 

Artistic Contributor: Steven Trimmer

Field paintings by: Jason Matherly

*Special thanks to: Rachel Bailey, Xenia Simou, Nicole Brooks, Laura Gray, Deborah Jameson, Prosper Hedges, Sienna Chandler, Avery Draut, Edgar Lopez, Alyssa Dehayes, Taber Lathrop, & Pops Baron

Noisey/Vice Premiere


Bay Bay Steps-

Debuted at the Georgia Museum of Art- April 3, 2014
Filmed and Directed by Benjamin Rouse
Audio/Editing by Steven Trimmer-