of Montreal- Let's Relate (2016) 

Stereogum Premiere: http://www.stereogum.com/1896918/of-montreal-lets-relate-video/franchises/premiere/

Produced by: Benjamin Rouse
Directed by: Benjamin Rouse, Kevin Barnes
Camera A Operator: Alex Seibert
Camera B Operator/Effects Supervisor: Mark Magnarella
Camera C Operator (B-roll): Joseph Carter
Edited by: Benjamin Rouse
Assisting Editor, Color Correction & Effects: Alex Seibert
Set Design: Benjamin Rouse
Assisting Set Design/Props: Ryan Radtke, Tyler Jundt, Durham Henderson, David Iduate, Jessica Massey, Ashlyn Smith
Costume and Makeup: Durham Henderson, David Iduate, Tyler Jundt, Jessica Massey, Ashlyn Smith

*Special thank you to everyone at the Rowdy Dowdy for opening your space to us. Without your effort and selfless creative spirit this would not have been possible.

of Montreal- Bassem Sabry (2015)

Directed and Produced by: Benjamin Rouse

Director of Photography: Matt Evans

Props and Set Design: Dana Jo Cooley

Assisting Camera Operators: Benjamin Roberds & Jordan St. Martin-Reyes

Production Assistant: Gabriel Cymerman-Bird

Collage Work and Wardrobe: Gabrielle Bischoff (Many thanks to The Pope on Prince) 

Artistic Contributor: Steven Trimmer

Field paintings by: Jason Matherly

*Special thanks to: Rachel Bailey, Xenia Simou, Nicole Brooks, Laura Gray, Deborah Jameson, Prosper Hedges, Sienna Chandler, Avery Draut, Edgar Lopez, Alyssa Dehayes, Taber Lathrop, & Pops Baron

Noisey/Vice Premierehttp://noisey.vice.com/blog/of-montreal-bassem-sabry-aureate-gloom


Bay Bay Steps- https://vimeo.com/90932564

Debuted at the Georgia Museum of Art- April 3, 2014
Filmed and Directed by Benjamin Rouse
Audio/Editing by Steven Trimmer- theleapyear.com